Hunstanton Lighthouse


Also fondly known as Sunny Hunny, Hunstanton is a seaside resort town in North West Norfolk, around 20 minutes driving time from the Burnhams.

Directions to Hunstanton from Burnham Market

From the village greens in the centre of Burnham Market, head East along B1155 as if you were going to Holkham or Wells, but just before leaving the village turn left at Bellamy's Lane, which connects to the main A149 coast road. On meeting the the coast road, turn left. This road will take you directly to Hunstanton, passing through Burnham Deepdale, the Brancasers, Titchwell, Thornham and Holme.

Hunstanton Cliffs

The town is well known for its red limestone and white chalk cliffs, the view of which is a favourite scene in postcards. The red layer was formed in the Lower Cretaceous era, and is topped by a white chalk layer from the Upper Cretaceous.

History of the Town

The area around Hunstanton has been settled by humans for thousands of years. The nearby village of Holme-next-the-Sea, three miles to the North-East, is well known for being the place of discovery of Seahenge, a timber circle over 4000 years old.

In the 1840's, local landowner Henry Styleman Le Strange turned Hunstanton into a holiday resort, which involved the construction of many new buildings, most of which in Norfolk carrstone.

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